• Duane Narine

How To Give Access To Your Guests On Arrival And Making This An Easy Process

Updated: Jan 23

Your process should be air tight across the board so that your guests can book easily, stay comfortably and leave a positive review. One of the biggest challenges in this is key pickup/delivery. Most hosts will graciously meet their guests to hand them the keys and give their guests a tour of the property. That’s great and all and may be appreciated by your guests but automation and ease is always clutch. If you are running one or two rentals then you might be able to get away with this type of process most of the time. If you are running quite a few properties then a lot of your time will be spent waiting on guests and this might throw your timing off for other guests if you have check ins on the same day.

Your listing(s), pictures and videos, notes and e-mail communication should be geared towards providing your clientele with a visual before-hand so that you can eliminate a tour of your vacation rental(s) thus eliminating the need to meet your guests in person. You can still provide a wonderful experience and leave a lasting impression without having to meet your guests by being prompt with e-mails and phone calls and having your processes in place that don’t have wide gaps. How do we eliminate the need to meet guests? There are a number of solutions…

Keyless Door Locks

This solution eliminates the need for a lockbox hanging from your front door. You simply provide your guests with a code. The marketplace carries door locks that can be controlled from your phone allowing you to lock and unlock your door.

Once all payments have been collected before arrival date then you can release the lockbox code. Your cleaners will have this code as well and your guests can leave the keys in the house in a designate space.


Don’t want to change your current lock to keyless? No problem, Invest in getting lockboxes that will house your sets of keys. We've used these ones in particular in the past FUTURE LINK. If you operate a vacation rental in a house then the lockbox can be left hanging off the front door. Once all payments have been collected before arrival date then you can release the lockbox code. Your cleaners will have this code as well and your guests will leave the keys in there on departure.

Changing Your Codes

You can choose to change your codes on a regular basis for peace of mind that the code hasn’t been shared by previous guests should that be a concern of yours. There are keyless door locks on the market that allow you to change your codes from an app on your phone as mentioned above. These will be a little pricier but it saves you the hassle of having to go yourself to change the code if you have multiple properties and want to avoid having to visit them on a regular basis.

Accessing Property In A Condominium


Our guests picked up their keys from outside of our office from a lockbox house. We ran this process for year. The properties that we owned and managed were within distance to our office and accessible off the highway making it a sound solution for our guests to arrive anytime at their leisure to pick up keys and make their way to the respective property booked.

Oiling Your Lockbox

If you are utilizing lockboxes that are not digitally coded then you should aim at oiling up the number pad every so often. Winters can be harsh and degrade the lockbox over time making it difficult to turn numbers on the keypad. A little bit of WD-40 will help that.

Key Café

If you don’t have a space that you can use then utilizing services like would be a good call. Key Café in particular in Toronto has a number of locations across the city. You sign up with them and pay a monthly service. You would then source out the closest KeyCafe to your property and you can then manage everything online. Codes can be changed from your online account. You will receive reports on when your KeyCafe box was accessed. Communicate to your guest that the keys are left at KeyCafe and what the code is and you’re good to go.

Front Desk/Concierge

There are some Condominiums that will allow keys to be left with front desk Security/Concierge. Most buildings do not do this but for the ones that do, this is a huge convenience for your guests to not have to make an extra stop to pick up keys. There is some coordination involved on your part in terms of letting front desk know the names of guests that will be arriving to pick up keys.