• Duane Narine

The Importance Of Cleanliness In Your Airbnb Rental During and After Covid

Updated: Jan 23

The pandemic was a nightmare for many, but it is great that we are slowly coming out of the woods in this. That means for all of you out there who manage and run your own Airbnb rentals, it can be a good time for your business as everyone has gone stir crazy with all the lockdowns, reduced holidays and forced working from home situations. People have been saving up their funds and are ready to scratch that travel bug anywhere possible.

Yet this is also a time to maintain those safety standards and ensure that not only are we following all the necessary rules, but providing a clean and healthy environment for those that choose to vacation at your Airbnb rental(s).

Cleanliness Is Next To Godliness

As the saying goes, it is quite important in general that your Airbnb rental is as clean as possible before someone ends up staying at your place. You should always ensure that is the case, regardless of what the pandemic has taught us. There’s nothing worse for a traveler after a long day needing to decompress, only to come to a home that is also in need of some cleaning and its own decompression.

Nobody wants to have to clean while they are on a vacation, and nor should they have to. There are many things you can do to make sure that your property is always looking its best...

Hire A Professional Airbnb Cleaning Service

Airbnb does allow a surcharge for cleaning, and that is not supposed to be extra revenue in your pocket but actually used to help maintain your location and basically your source of income in general. By hiring a professional cleaning service for your Airbnb to regularly come into the property and clean it before the next person shows up, can really take a huge responsibility off of your shoulders. Giving you more time to run your Airbnb operation and getting closer to that coveted passive income scenario we all dream about.

The best part is if you have more than one property, and they are all near each other, you can possibly hire the same Airbnb cleaning company at a smaller rate per property. It really helps out in the long run. Don't consider handling the cleaning yourself, you probably will not do as good a job as a professional crew, that has their own equipment and probably have a lot more experience on how to clean and sanitize locations. All you're doing by handling the cleaning yourself is not only putting yourself at risk more but adding additional stress and headache to your life. One that can be easily handled by any type of Professional Cleaning Service.

Ensure New Protocols Are Followed

Due to the pandemic, it isn't good enough to simply just scrub everything down anymore. Linens and towels need to be washed at higher or the highest temperatures possible, and if the sheets are white, it's always a good idea to use bleach.

All the different surfaces need to be properly disinfected every single time someone leaves the apartment after their rental period, and proper items need to be used to ensure full disinfection is performed.

Why The Consistency Matters

Now that COVID has been with us here, and has generated the new normal, it’s important that your cleaning schedule is stronger than ever. You may have back to back bookings, and that is extremely necessary to ensure that everything is cleaned before the next guest arrives because there is a chance during the transition, those unclean items could be a carrier for the disease possibly for the next person. You could inadvertently continue the spreading waves as they occur, and not even know you were the culprit.

Not only does it leave a bad feeling in your stomach but there could also be punitive damages that could occur, depending on the severity of the situation, and which state you’re renting out your Airbnb for (or which country for that matter which may have stricter rules than even some places in the States). Plus, you don’t want to have those bad reviews that may be associated with poor cleanliness, when it could have been easily avoided.

Don’t Just Stop With The Cleaning Beforehand

Help your guests enjoy their stay and have them form a positive experience. Make sure that every step of their interaction with you is one that excludes cleanliness and safety. Make sure to try to make the key handover contactless as much as possible, and in the case, you must meet them in person, that the proper social distancing protocols are enforced. Remind your cleaning staff or the management company you may hire out to handle all interactions with clients this way, as ultimately, you will be responsible if something goes wrong during their stay, especially if it relates to COVID.

Another thing you may want to consider is some helpful tips for your guests. Maybe offer them a sanitizer to go, and some low-cost life saving medical masks for their use during their stay. This shouldn't come as a surprise and basically replaces other gifts you may have been offering your guests before the pandemic has hit.

Don’t Be Afraid To Reschedule Or Cancel

Of course, this could sometimes be out of your control, but let's say that you are not able to get the room up to the hygienic standards required for someone's stay. The cleaning group may be too booked and you can't get to it, or there's been an outbreak level too high for you to feel comfortable to rent out the property.

It's always better to reject the booking than to take the booking and all the associated risks. It may lead to less than stellar reviews, and maybe a nasty note from one or two customers you end up cancelling on. But after you are able to explain to them the situation, more often than not, they will be happier that you ended up doing that than putting them potentially at risk.

Keep It Up And Remember We’re All In It Together

Eventually, this will end, and whatever the new normal turns out to be, it will also cement itself into place. That means all you need to do is stay strong and stay consistent. Make sure the cleaning schedule is up to date, your customers are informed of the current situation, and are offered sanitation products during their stay.

You need to also keep in mind that Airbnb has very strict rules when it comes to the pandemic, so no matter how much you clean and scrub your rental and offer it to others, you are really not allowed to accept people that currently have the COVID-19 virus or appear to be sick with the virus even without confirmation. This also extends to hosts that actively manage the property to protect both parties from cross-contamination and actually getting the virus.

These may be uncertain times, but we should always try our best to keep a positive open mind, take the extra step to be cautious, and always ensure that whatever you rent as an Airbnb host, that the accommodation is always sanitized and spotless.