• Duane Narine

Should You Eliminate Land Line Service In Your Airbnb? What About 911?

Updated: Jan 23

This content in this post will be left up to your personal debate.

In this day and age most people carry cell phones when they travel. Gone are the days too that travellers are limited to using their cell phone while travelling. Travellers can simply contact their Mobile Phone Carriers and opt in for a plan that is suitable for your travels. While rates and packages differ throughout the world when roaming, it is almost always more cost effective to take your original SIM card out and replace it with a temporary one when you touch down at your travel destination.

I was on a 3 month journey to South East Asia. Before my travels I contacted my Cell Phone Carrier to add a plan and it absolutely made no sense to opt in for their plans as I would receive less service than I normally receive while paying a much higher price for it. So, the smart thing was to purchase a cellular package at the airport at each of my destinations which was super cheap and gave me unlimited data as well as calls.

Having said the above, travellers basically have options leaving almost no need for your property to carry Land Line Service. However, (this is where the personal debate comes in) for Emergencies it is a thoughtful feature to have an Emergency Only Land Line Service. Your guests would not be able to use the Land Line for local or long distance calls but only to dial 911 in an emergency situation. In our opinion, this is the only reason to outfit your property with Land Line Service. This type of service would cost you a very minimal amount per month and we personally suggest you consider it. While cell phones can be traced when 911 is dialed, it is much easier to find a caller when they’ve dialed from a Land Line. This I personally know from working 10 years for a Major Telecom Company in Canada in their 911 Systems and Admin Group.

While most guests wouldn’t even blink an eye at whether you had a Land Line or not, it is certainly a feature that could be life saving. To increase guest respect and a potential glowing review, add a nice note above the phone, “Emergency 911 Calls Only For Your Safety”. This will stand out in their eyes. So, give it some consideration when outfitting your property with services.