• Duane Narine

How Fiverr Can Really Help Your Business Get Off The Ground Quicker

Updated: Jan 23

Running a business, of any size, is a tough endeavour. At the very least, especially when you are starting out, this is about six full-time jobs at once. There's also a lot of items and tasks that you simply cannot do and aren't properly trained to do. That's ok as most businesses require a team. How that team is put together can be done in various different ways.

Thanks to everything going digital in this day and age, connecting with the right people has never been easier than it is today. You are able to connect with freelancers all over the world, who can focus on their work, have you focus on the business and the platforms take care of everything else in between.

Fiverr – A Great Way To Start Creating Your Brand

Imagine that you're ready to set up a vacation rental business. You have the property, you have the best location, and you simply need some refinement and some support to get your name out there. You just started so you don't want to hire expensive employees to keep on the payroll when you barely started sourcing paying customers.

There's also a lot of nitty-gritty items to cover early on and it's really just one-time tasks that don't really need a full-time person. Fiverr is a great way to source those specific experts that you only need for a limited time.

How to properly use Fiverr for your business can be confusing at the start. Start small. A good place to start is to consider your business branding and presence. That means you will need to develop a logo for your business. Fiverr is a perfect option to find a freelancer who can design a logo easily for a very low price. Sometimes these logos can be as low as $25 to $50 depending on the complexity and delivery time frame you’re looking for.

All you need to do is discuss what you're looking for, your branding and colour guidelines and patiently wait for the result. Once you're satisfied, you can then pay the freelancer and move on to whatever is next on your task list.

You can then put that nice pretty and unique logo on some business cards, or have the same (or different freelancer) design your business card as well, with all the relevant information a guest would need when they stay with you.

Don’t Stop At Just The Logo

That was just a small taste of ways Fiverr supports your business in the beginning. Now you need to look for a different set of experts and you can use Fiverr to scale your business, more specifically your marketing needs. Now you need to have a website made, and consistent content for that website to help generate traffic, and provide insight into your properties. You can easily find two different freelancers who can work in tandem to get both tasks done.

After that, you can have a third freelancer produce some amazing video content to help promote your site, while you hire a fourth freelancer to write and produce amazing property content, through a combination of copywriting and graphic design.

Now you’re really cooking, and none of them are on the payroll! You have an army of freelancers, all working on different tasks, and all you need to do is monitor, approve and release payment. It’s as easy as that!

How To Use Fiverr For Your Continuous Business Operations

So now you have a logo, business cards, a website with plenty of content and you're ready to go out into the world. While you start to focus on your customers and start bringing in those paying clients to your vacation property, you realize that you want to start doing more marketing. But again, you're either too busy running your business or have little to no marketing experience.

Here we can also head back to Fiverr for your business and start looking at putting together a budget-friendly marketing team. They can cover all the different needs of a proper digital marketing strategy, from social media management to SEO / content management, to producing enough content for your site consistently. The best part is that if there are certain parts that are not working as well as they should, you can easily replace these freelancers with new ones.

Then you can use Fiverr again to scale your business either through expansion or contraction and use those freelancers only when you feel like you need to promote your business for that extra business.

The power and management are all in your hands, and can really help, because being a vacation property business, or really any type of business, can be overwhelming. Imagine for someone that wants to open a bakery, which is full of friendly images not only from their delicious baked goods, but also the cute packaging that the goods go into, or the flyers and stickers you hand out to customers for each purchase they make.

Fiverr helps you stick with the baking portion, while your ever-changing team is there to help and support you as you see fit.

How Do I know I Picked The Best Person On Fiverr?

Excellent question. It can be unnerving to hire someone to be entrusted for your business baby, without ever meeting them in person. Fiverr does a great job in protecting both parties, as well as providing a rating system for potential freelancers that show the good and the bad of any freelancer, based on their past work. Freelancers usually also provide some samples of their work to be showcased, so you know what type of outcome you will be getting from them.

There are always new people on Fiverr that are just starting out that may have few to no ratings, and they may seem risky. Don't dismiss them, because more often than not, they are also of high caliber, and charge a discount initially to drum up business for themselves.

Fiverr Is For Businesses Of Any Type And Size

Even if you already have some employees in your company handling some tasks mentioned above, or something else, that shouldn't stop you from considering the temporary help and support when needed. The only way you can ensure the success of your business is to know when to expand and invest in it so that it can have the room to grow and become that success.

Don’t ever feel overwhelmed again, or even worse, completely stop the idea of you running your business because of not knowing how to build a website, or design a log, or write a blog. You know how to run a proper business and should pat yourself on the back for that.

This is especially true when running a vacation rental property business, as this business tends to be the most customer service-oriented and emotionally exhausting business at times, especially with all the moving parts.

Remember, a village needs to have more than one person, and everyone needs to know what their roles are. Take ownership and start delegating those necessary tasks to experts and freelancers, who can handle everything for you via Fiverr. And get back to running your business!