• Duane Narine

Why You Should Hire A Cleaning Company For Your Airbnb Rental Property or Properties

Updated: Jan 23

Part of your Vacation Rental journey should encompass the thoughts and visions of growth but only if that’s what you are looking for. If you are then you should always be looking at ways to eliminate tasks so that you can focus your time on business development.

It is always surprising when we talk to Airbnb Hosts, owners and operators and find out that they clean their own properties. Some of them reason by saying that nobody can clean to the standards the way they can. Granted that may be true but with the right training you can easily eliminate this unnecessary task. The other argument is that it saves them money from having to spend on cleaners. In our experience over the last decade, this hampers growth and revenue.

Hire a Cleaning Company to do this task for you. Our cleaners would spend approximately 4 hours to turnover each suite at our quality standards. We went through 4 Cleaning Companies before we found one that performs stellar services. It was a pain to have to go through that many companies before we found a good fit but that’s part of this business. 4 hours a day plus travel time is essentially a day wasted for yourself. Not to mention but to mention the number of cleans required per month multiplied by the number of properties under management would really rack up to time wasted.

Plus, we charged our guests a cleaning fee so what were we losing? Nothing! We gained time back by employing a Cleaning Company. We didn't aim to make money from the cleans. That is not what the cleaning fee is for. The cleaning fee is to be spent to prepare your unit(s) to a pleasant welcome for your next guests.

There are many people looking for jobs out there. You can easily post an ad on Kijiji and you’d be inundated with emails from potential cleaners (individuals and actual Cleaning Companies)

Negotiating Your Pricing

We charged $120 to our guests for cleaning on each property. Our biggest unit was a two bedroom and two bathroom and our smallest was a one bedroom suite being charged the same cleaning fee. When you find a Cleaner or Cleaning Company you will need to work with them to negotiate the best fair price between both parties. So let’s say you decide to integrate the same pricing that we did. We suggest you settle at $100 or a little less per clean including cleaning supplies, toilet paper, paper towels, soap refills and whatever else you feel is necessary. Let’s say you settle on $100. This gives you a $20 surplus per clean that you bank in a separate account for cleaning. Don’t consider this as profit. We use the surplus to cover surprise bonuses to our cleaners and possible extra time spent by cleaners if they arrive in a really dirty unit. It incentivized our cleaners to continue to perform optimally that much more when they see an extra few hundred on top of their invoices. Always think ahead for your business. You don’t have to capture every dollar that comes your way. Part of business that we learned is to spread your funds around and it comes back to you in different ways.

Training Your Cleaners

Develop a detailed check list that you expect your Cleaners to follow on each clean. You may want to have them fill out the check list online after each clean and send you an emailed copy for your records. There is no need to go and double check their work. Trust your judgement when you hired your cleaners and leverage the checklist.

Download the checklist at the end of this article as a base to start from when building your own. Or feel free to use it entirely if you feel it fits what you need. With this in place you have records of what was performed on each clean. Should your guests have any complaints then you can always reference the checklist and get back to your cleaners if things were missed. Remember also you are dealing with human beings and sometimes things may get missed or not cleaned properly. These are things that will improve over time so long as you stay on top and address any issues that arise.

The best scenario is to hire an actual Airbnb Cleaning Company rather than individuals that are looking for a cleaning gig here and there. You don’t want to be in a position where you have to manage a cleaning team. It’s a waste of your time. You should never be involved with the cleaning aspect once your cleaners are hired and ready to go.

Writing Off The Clean As An Operating Expense

When you work with a Registered Cleaning Business that sends you an invoice biweekly or monthly then you can use this as an expense write off. This is another advantage to you of hiring a Cleaning Company.

Hopefully the above has shed some bright light on whether or not you should hire a cleaning company.

Leandra Suites Cleaning Checklist
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