• Duane Narine

House Rules For Your Vacation Rental Property and Why You Should Incorporate Them

Updated: Jan 23

A set of House rules is highly recommended. These notes should be delivered throughout the booking process, once upon delivery of rental agreement for signage and again with the delivery of your confirmation e-mail. These rules should be posted within the unit in a space that it will be seen easily. These notes will help keep your property maintained well by your guests, especially if you indicate that deposits can be retained if rules are not followed. You want your guests to enjoy themselves and live the way they normally live however, a level of respect is an expectation that you as a host should have and enforce. Examples of rules you can consider are listed below….

1. Only the confirmed number of guests are allowed into the suite. If your selected unit is a 1 bedroom suite, we do not allow more than 4 guests at a time. If your selected unit is a 2 or 3 bedroom suite, we do not allow more than 6 guests at a time. Should we get a call from front desk or building management that there are more than the number of guests in your selected unit, you risk the chance of your stay being compromised and they will deactivate your fobs without notice. You also risk the chance for building management to disallow short-term rentals in the building. Please adhere to this rule and follow our instructions. We thank you for

your co-operation.

2. We do not allow parties in the suite whatsoever. You will be evicted without notice if we are contacted by building management that there is suspicion of a party taking place in the unit.

3. Please be considerate to your new neighbours. Quiet hours are from 9 pm to 8 am, during which time the noise from the home shall not unreasonably disturb adjacent neighbours. Sound that is audible beyond the property boundaries during non-quiet hours shall not be more excessive than would be otherwise associated with a residential

area. Your new neighbours are intolerant of noise and will call the Police if you have parties or make loud noises. If the Police are called we may lose our permit to do vacation rentals; you will be immediately evicted, and may be held liable for consequential damages.

4. All towels, pillows and linens must remain in the suite. Any missing towels, pillows or linens from the suite additional charges will be applied to your credit card.

5. Amplified sound that is audible beyond the suite boundaries is prohibited.

6. Vehicles shall be parked in the designated onsite parking spot given to you at check-in. Please do not park in visitors or in any other parking spot other than the designated spot, as your vehicle will be at risk for towing or fined.

7. This unit comes equipped with high-speed wireless Internet Access. In case of a power outage, please be advised you may experience some disruptions to the service. To reboot the system, please unplug the internet/cable box, wait 60 seconds and re-plug it.

8. Please remove your shoes before entering the suite.

9. Please clean up any spills immediately. Do not cut Pineapple or any citrus directly on the granite or marble counter tops, use dish-ware or cutting board provided.

10. Please do not sit on furniture in wet swimsuits or with suntan oil on.

11. Do not flush sanitary products down the toilets or put food down the garbage disposal.

12. Please turn off all AC units, lights and fans while out to conserve energy.

13. Smoking is not permitted in the unit.

14. No Pets are allowed in the suite. If any traces of pets are found in the suite after your departure, additional cleaning charges will be applied to your credit card.

15. If your stay involves moving from one level to another please make sure items stay at their designated levels.

16. Checkout time is 11:00am, unless otherwise agreed upon. If you are in the suite past 11:00am, a late fee of half the nightly rental will be applied to your credit card. If you are in the suite past 12pm, one full nightly rental will be applied to your credit card. If you plan to check out early, please let us know by sending an e-mail or giving us a call.

Now some of the above may seem super tight. Create rules with your discretion.