• Duane Narine

How To Deal With Upset Airbnb Guests

Updated: Jan 22

When you're in the hospitality industry, it's important to know how handle irate customers. The fact is, you will have unhappy guests from time to time and maybe more often than not. The most important takeaway from your unhappy guests will be that there is room for improvement on your end so rather than feeling the stress of it all, take notes and follow the tips below to help you out.

Remain Calm And Be Polite As Your Guest Voices Their Complaints

Even if the guests' gripes and complaints seem unfair (and sometimes they are), it is important to remember that you still have a responsibility for them as your customer. You need treat everyone with respect, let people voice their concerns when necessary; stay calm so no one feels like their opinion doesn't matter or has reason to be angry at anything in particular - this way every member of our team understand why respecting all customers who stay here matters most!

Acknowledge How Your Guest Is Feeling And Take It From There

It's important to always acknowledge your guests are angry about the situation they're in. It may seem like a small thing, but when you show that their feelings matter and aren't being ignored it can go miles towards calming down an upset person from continuing on with whatever complaint has brought them here.

A good way of doing this is by directing discussion toward finding solutions rather than dwelling longer upon what caused said irritation - after all no one wants long discussions where everyone just listens...

Guests come first. That's why it is vital to focus on customer service throughout every aspect of the experience, from booking a reservation through check-out. Guests can be very demanding and reviews show that many people leave unhappy with their stay when there are problems in this process or afterwards as well! By putting emphasis on treating everyone like royalty while they're visiting you'll prevent any negative feedback by ensuring all needs are met without exception so everyone feels special - which will result in more repeat customers for sure!!

Always Have A Positive Approach

It's natural to feel a little annoyed when guests say offensive things that sets off the conversation on a wrong note. Our best advice is to show them kindness and positivity which will help calm down any negative feelings they may have had toward your service or product. Ever hear of the saying, “kill it with love and kindness”. It simply means having a heartfelt approach to things which can turn the tale in the other better direction. Don't allow negative words to work as triggers which could demotivate us!

Note The Facts or Deficiencies, Develop A Solution

Make sure to get all of the facts before making any decisions. You must be impartial and understand how your property and your service fell short so that you can offer complementary services or waive off certain charges in order for them not seem too much, which may upgrade customers' experience till things improve further down the line

Don't be afraid of guest complaints and remember that these complaints effectively help you to improve your business further. It’s amazing what can be accomplished when people work together. Try to look at it that way when you’re faced with an irate guest situation and work together. You’d be surprised at how amazing things will work out.