• Duane Narine

How To Really Impress Your Airbnb Guests

Updated: Jan 23

Hey there Airbnb hosts or soon to be!

Below we’ve curated some awesome tips to help you WOW your Airbnb guests.

Provide The Unexpected

The Unexpected is what makes a good surprise. Try surprising your guests by giving them something unexpected on check in, such as tickets to the city's must see attraction.

It can be cliche at times but when trying to wow someone with any experience there’s no better way than providing some surprises that will leave their mind blown and wanting more! What are you waiting for? Get those unique gifts ready!!

If you’re an Airbnb host with a thriving listing and tickets are still reasonable, consider purchasing some of your own to have available as complimentary gifts or rewards. It may also be worth considering buying up some extra vouchers just in case they become more expensive!

I recommend having at least one ticket ready for each guest - this way when someone books through the site there will always be something special waiting on them; not only that but if times get tough we can return our unused ones (which might work wonders!).

Case in point, we purchased Season Tickets for several years for the Toronto Raptors and if we could not make it to games we would give them to our guests, free of charge.

Comfortable Sleeping Arrangements

You know the feeling you get when you check-in to a hotel or Airbnb after a long journey? Unlocking the door of your room, throwing down all of those bags and jumping on that comfortable bed. Well guess what - surprise! That's because it not only feels amazing but also provides guests with one heck of an experience they didn't expect

We all know that providing clean bedding is a no-brainer, and it's easy to just buy some cheap mattress covers. But if you want your guests' stay at home feeling heavenly instead of Like They Were Back In The Hostel Again (NO ONE wants this), get them something better! A soft linen pillow top blanket with an extra warm feel will be sure to make any room feel welcoming.

Local Delights

As an Airbnb host, you will be used to welcoming people from all around the world and different cultures. Why not start your guest journey by providing them with something local? Something they can talk about during their stay! A complimentary traditional item or a delicacy at that point in time is surefire way of making someone feel welcomed without even saying much more than hello on arrival - just like how ice-breakers work.

I mean, sure, it costs a few dollars per booking, but if it helps the cause for a positive review, resulting in more bookings, it is a great investment! It doesn’t have to be the most luxurious or refined local gift, just something that will help your guests feel more comfortable in a new culture. Remember the saying, it takes money to make money so really try not to think of these things as an added unnecessary expense when in actuality, it will help generate stellar reviews and further improve your booking conversions.


Airbnb has become a popular alternative for those who want to live like they're at home. These days, people are not just looking for places where they can rest their heads; they want to feel welcomed and comfortable from day one!

The hospitality industry is taking notice too—in fact there's been an increase among guests choosing Airbnb as their platform for accommodations because it offers more than just that and creates memories worth remembering all over again.

Personalizing your Airbnb rental is the best way to make it special and different. From leaving a note on their perfect pillow or providing them with some personal items, you can take things one step further by surprising guests even before they arrive at your place! Delivering a personalized message for your guests will set the tone of their stay from the very beginning. It doesn't have to be in writing, though - if you find out some personal preferences during pre-booking chat and can incorporate these into what they receive on arrival then that would make an excellent impression!

Welcome Hamper

The perfect welcome hamper will have anything the guest would prefer in it, with a little note on top. The pack can include tea and coffee or fruit snacks for example but not just food items - you could also provide personalized gifts.

Welcoming people into your home is an important part of hosting that makes them feel at ease during their visit. You want them to know that while they're staying awhile you’ve got them in mind. Fresh flowers from your garden as well as some other treats such as chocolate chip cookies baking in oven—the list goes ON AND ON (and tastes really good too)!

The perfect item in your hamper for your guests is a handbook that has all of the information they could ever want. You can give recommendations on what to do, where to eat and drink - even how best get from A-B without getting lost!

Leave The Space Bright, Breezy, and Smelling Great!

First impressions are everything so keep this in mind when you're choosing the lighting for your listing. If possible, place lamps near entryways and other major hallways to create an inviting atmosphere right from check-in! As soon as guests enter a bright space with natural light streaming through windows they'll feel at home immediately - just what any weary traveler wants upon arrival.

We know how important it is to have a fresh and clean home. Open up some windows. The breeze will whip through them nicely - this way your place will stay smelling nice without any added effort on behalf of yourself as well-being sure not forget about bringing in scented candles from Bath & Body Works just because everyone loves having their own personal spa around every corner these days.


Airbnb offers the perfect service for those who want their guests to feel at home immediately. You can have some ambient or classical music playing in your Airbnb when they arrive, so it's not just a place but rather like an extension of yourself! Guests are welcome to turn off this background sound if desired but usually leave on whatever playlist you made available through Bluetooth speakers hooked up easily enough by anyone with minimal tech skills (or no expertise whatsoever!).

Tip: If you’re in a natural area, leave one of your windows open and listen to the calming sounds of forest or water.

Be Available During Their Stay

Anything can go wrong during their stay, but if you are alert and available to the situation then it will be easy for you to deal with any problems that arise. For example: The kitchen tap starts leaking at midnight and a guest calls me up or texts me complaining about how inconvenient this leaky noise has been while they were sleeping; my first instinct would be to track down where things are coming from - and resolve whatever issue was happening as soon as possible!

Be Willing To Help As Much As You Can

Proactively helping your guests is the next level. You've done a great job by being there for them, but now it's time to go one step further and make sure they have everything they need before their stay starts!

For example: Your guest from out of town loves running at sunset so you know just where their interests lie - provide directions on how else to explore this beautiful city while keeping in shape (or letting loose)!

Proactively answering guest queries quickly can also leave them smiling. If you have a guest from overseas, they might not have data roaming and therefore only ask for help when in Wi-Fi hotspots. Not to say that it's always necessary to be on top of your message thread at all times - but having notifications turned on so whenever someone messages us we get notified right away will make sure anyone looking for assistance has an answer as soon as possible.

Final Thoughts

Guests are always looking for ways to be surprised, so it's important that you try your best in every single aspect of their experience. Luckily there is nothing more satisfying than listening and having a conversation with someone which will help you find out a bit more about your guests thus creating ideas for yourself on how you can wow them!

There are many things you can do to wow your guests outside of what we have suggested, and some of them cost less than others.

Being friendly, attentive and respectful will leave a positive impression for guests. Anything above that you are likely to impress them quite a bit! By following these tips on how to wow your Airbnb guest they'll be left with an amazing experience which will surely result in more bookings when you receive incredible reviews back.