• Duane Narine

Why You Need To Set Minimum Night $tay$

Updated: Jan 23

Why is this important? The reason you should set minimums is so you don’t attract one night stays. As you breeze through the posts you will come across another article that promotes one night stays so this might sound contradicting but it will all make sense in the end.

One night stays attracts local market guests. Most people that are looking for a Vacation Rental Property are doing so to have the home away from Home feel because they are travelling to your destination for a longer period of time. They want more value for less and that’s what most Vacation Rentals offer as opposed to the traditional hotel stays. Washer, dryer, bigger living space, kitchen and all the extras that hotels don’t have unless of course you are booking a giant suite in a hotel which is going to cost an arm and a leg.

Set your minimums to at least 5 nights and have your bookings pile up from guests coming from abroad. When you set your minimums to one day you’re running the risk of having locals book your property and in our experience those one night stays from locals can possibly be partiers. While we don’t restrict guests from having a good time, we also don’t want to have too many instances of parties. We have done one night minimums but we strategize this by setting them during the week rather than weekends and when there are gaps in the calendar.