• Duane Narine

Property Notes Are An Absolute Must And Will Help Preserve Your Sanity

Updated: Jan 23

In a previous post we mentioned automation and essentially efficiency. As a host of one or more properties, you will find yourself having more time to focus on other areas of your business when you tweak your processes to the point that you are doing less of the day to day tasks in your business.

Having managed 25 properties, we were able to refine our processes to the point where most days we would be working less than an hour a day. Pretty cool, right? I'd say so.

Creating property notes avoids unnecessary calls and e-mails. It also shows your guests that you think of everything that a traveller would need. Let’s face it, everything is about convenience these days. The first thing a guest does these days is connect to wifi on arrival. Your property notes must be posted in a place that is easy to spot. Somewhere in the kitchen, posted on the fridge, left in a property notes book on the dining table, somewhere that you know your guest will look.

What Should My Property Notes Include?

The full address of the property (useful for any food deliveries so your guests don’t have to revert to sifting through e-mails)

Internet ID and Password

Number of Keys that have been provided

Contact information for yourself (name, phone number, email address)

Location of amenities, hours of operation and how to access them (possibly a fob is required)

Your top three keys rules of your suite as a friendly reminder

Please remove shoes when entering the suite

No Smoking

Check out time and procedure

Garbage and Recycling instructions

Appliance instructions – Example: Dishwasher (no liquid detergent to be used)

Thermostat instructions and location

Grocery stores in the area

Restaurants in the area

Fun things to do in the area

The more information you have on here that you find is necessary the better off you will be and won’t have to handle unnecessary calls, texts or e-mails.