• Duane Narine

Protect Your Data and Never Have To Worry

Updated: Jan 23

Your journey on becoming a business owner has many moving parts that need to be handled. From running the business itself to finding the right way to promote and market it, there seems to be a never-ending list of to-do's that only seem to double, every time you check one-off.

While we're on the topic of adding more to your to-do list, let's add just one more, which may be the most important of them all.

Protecting All That Hard Work

There's nothing worse than putting in the effort and having to start over. We live in a truly fantastic and terrifying age that has gone nearly completely digital. That means everything we use to connect with our customers is online. All the documents we need to run our business are saved online. Emails, photos, contracts, tax documents, websites, the list goes on and on. What's really important here is to ensure that this data is properly backed up and that you don't accidentally lose it.

We’re not just talking about hackers and compromised systems, but also simple human error and accidents. What if you’re spilling that cup of coffee in the morning on your laptop and it breaks the computer while you were in the middle of handling a client, or updating the company social media page, or replacing the photos on your website.

Without the proper cloud backup of your system, guess what? You’re starting from the very beginning sadly.

What Are My Options?

Thankfully, this is another one of those areas where you just need a little guidance and an overview of some of the best cloud storage solutions for businesses available on the market. The best cloud storage for business can be a little bit of a difficult task to name just one, so let's do a cloud storage for business comparison...

Google Drive

A classic go-to for many people. They give it away for free when you get a Gmail account, which may be your first email when setting up your vacation rental business to keep costs down and to get business rolling. With them, it's all about integrating their tools to make your life easier, and they really do a fantastic job of providing it from the get-go.

It's a great tool, but it's really for cloud document storage and usage. It's pretty self-service and does have a really simple interface to access files remotely from any device, but there is no robust security, or archiving features that our other service providers offer, and the free storage is actually shared with your email. Eventually, it ends up filling up simply through email communication and attachment files forcing an upgrade.


This is also another solid option that provides the ease of usage from google drive with the enterprise-level features offered in some of our other solutions mentioned here. This is definitely one of the best cloud storage for business solutions due to the fact that it easily connects your devices and files, has a rewind function that helps protect against ransomware (up to 180 days through the business plans), and on its most advanced plan it has unlimited storage.

It also provides some really cool document-related features, such as the ability to actually create some document types (Such as Microsoft office documents) within the cloud solution, and comes with a certain number of free HelloSign e-signature uses per month, simply adding to the already overwhelming functionality overview.

Check out some great pricing here.


This is a great solution when looking for a professional cloud storage solution for archiving. It covers a lot of items that you may not consciously think about and will actually back up files from all your devices that are connected through their app. It also does an automatic backup and ensures that the latest version of a file syncs seamlessly with no issues.

When selecting the business plan, which is always recommended, it also falls under HIPAA and any other regulatory backup data needs that you may need based on what type of business you’re in. Keep in mind those are usually related to medical and financial storage records, so if you’re running a vacation rental business, you’re probably ok.

You can even add different sources of storage media such as external hard drives, and do a complete digital clone of your hard drive so you don’t need to save every single file every time, but simply just duplicate the backups.

For the latest pricing click here.


When you're looking for some of the best-encrypted cloud based solutions on the market, look no further than Zoolz. It works off of the Amazon Web Services infrastructure and is designed to have 3 separate layers of encryption, one for the virtual machine, one for the data transfer and one on the receiving server side.

It is also built to spread out your files amongst numerous interconnected virtual machines to help ensure durability in case there is a partial failure in any area of their cloud infrastructure. It seamlessly expands and grows in size as you need it.

It is also one of the few options that have a data guarantee that is only usually found on complex enterprise-level cloud-based storage systems. On top of that, you can do unlimited file transfer sizes as well.

You would think that this would come at a steeper price tag, but in fact, it's one of the most well-priced options. Take a look at the current pricing here.


As cloud storage solutions for businesses go, pCloud keeps it really simple, while providing some pretty robust features. It allows for really easy user access management and stores your data for at least six months, giving you time to recover backups until you find that file you were looking for, and we're talking about those files that you actually put into the trash. When not in the trash, it provides up to a year of backup information for easy recovery.

With some standard features such as complete PC backup, shareable folders, and annotation and commenting on those folders for easy search and reference, pCloud is a solid choice for our cloud storage for business comparison here.

In The End

Regardless of what solution you may end up with, understand that your documents, photos, files, and data need to be backed up in some media storage device. Rather than using a USB stick, which is prone to breaking more often than not, or even using one of those external hard drives that you end up misplacing after one move, consider switching over to the cloud and keeping everything there secured, with automatic backup.

Remember, you’re already a juggler of tasks, and the last thing you want to worry about is the fact that you don’t have a copy of some document somewhere, or an archive of all the content that you have created that could be repurposed in some way (instead of always creating something from scratch).

Your future self will thank you greatly, as you will be removing the possibility of many headaches to come, with a wonderful and easy-to-use cloud storage solution for business.