• Duane Narine

Types of Travellers You Can Expect And How To Market To Them On Airbnb and

Updated: Jan 23

As you begin to create your listing, you will want to be mindful of the types of guests that will come your way as well as the types of guests you will want to attract.

There are two broad categories of travellers, vacationers and business travel but what about everything in between?

Guests travel for many reasons and this post will help to open you up to how your marketing efforts can capitalize on the vacationers, the business travellers and everything in between.

Medical Stays

If your property is near medical facilities then you are lined up with guests that will likely want to book your place for hospital visits.

In our personal experience we have hosted many guests that have come to Toronto for medical visits, surgery, treatments and require a place that is near these facilities.

Ensure that when you create your listings you are highlighting hospitals and treatment centres that are close to you. Everything is about information and essentially convenience at your fingertips. Make their lives easy so that when guests come across your listing, it contains as much relevant information that would lead them to make a decision towards booking your property. This includes making mention of distance to the facilities that may interest them for their medical needs.

When I travel, I would much rather have someone do the research for me and highlight everything so that I don’t have to do that leg work. That’s just me but I’m absolutely certain there is a high percentage of people that are just like me. Think like a traveller.

The other importance of creating quality listings that contain highly relevant information and landmarks is that if you choose to create a website, your content will get indexed well. When you list on sites like Airbnb and, the keywords that you incorporate will help your listing to be found much easier thus increasing your conversion rate.

If you want to take it a step further then you can also contact medical facilities that are close to your property and find out if they would be interested in cross promotion or having your property or properties featured on their website or websites.

Longer Term Stays

Although you rent short term, there is always the opportunity to rent for longer term stays, always. The problem is, most of your potential clientele looking for longer term will more than likely expect a discount of some sort. Longer term stays are attractive opportunities for Short Term Rental operators during off peak season. I wouldn’t suggest that you offer long term stays during peak season though as you can turn higher revenue with shorter term stays during peak season when the demand is high and you can dictate your pricing.

Longer Term Stays - Relocations

There is a market for the relocation traveller and it’s huge! Relocations can happen for a few reasons. The two main ones we have come across are people relocating for work purposes and those relocating simply just to move for personal reasons. Those two reasons present the Short Term Rental Host with an opportunity to host for longer term stays. There are a few companies that specialize in relocations in which they fully cater to their clients needs involved in the move. Oakwood is a very reputable one that we have worked with for years. You would need to register yourself with them as well as build your property profile and any leads that come through will either be sent your way if your property is a good fit or you can bid on them. Get yourself connected with companies like Oakwood.

Renovation Stays

Homeowners that decide to upgrade their homes by way of renovations will find themselves seeking short or even longer term stays while construction is underway. Your Vacation Rental property marketed by way of catering to this type of client could be the one they choose.

Ensure that your listing has some literature to the effect of “welcoming guests that are renovating their home” or “accommodating guests that are renovating their property”. Think of keywords that will help you to be found quicker. This type of guest is one that will typically be paying out of pocket so don’t be surprised if they are looking for a discount on their stay.

Insurance Stays

If you connect yourself well and build a brand that stands out for yourself you can monetize this avenue really well.

Often homeowners will find themselves in unfortunate circumstances due to fires, flooding and any sort of damage that would make their home uninhabitable for an indefinite period of time. If their damages are covered by insurance then typically the insurance company will choose from a list of reputable hotels to accommodate the insured party.

Aim to connect yourself well with a number of insurance companies and insurance agents to provide them with a housing solution. Note that your short term rental operation will have to be a registered company in order to provide this type of solution to insurance companies. You will also want to ensure that your standards of practice are high but this is why you’ve chosen to read through all of our content to give you the proper direction to lead you to quality practices.

The Party Animals – WOOHOO! Or not so WOOHOO!

Let’s face it, guests from around the world also travel to have an unforgettable experience. Sometimes that may be throwing wild and obnoxious parties. Sounds scary doesn’t it? You want your asset to continue to produce for you and one of the things that most hosts worry about is if their property is going to get trashed. In the Minimum Night Stay Post you will learn what to do so you don’t attract the Party Animal type of guests.

While you should have an approach to welcome all types of travellers, business or vacationers, you do need to be vigilant so that your asset continues to work for you and does not have any interruptions. In the ten years we operated Vacation Rentals we have seen these types of guests and so long as you have your practices and policies in place, you should overall be just fine.