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What Amenities To Offer For Free And What To Charge For In Your Airbnb Rental Property

Updated: Jan 23

When listing your property you will need to think about what you should offer for free and what extras you should charge for. This post will help you determine what to offer your guests for free and what you should consider charging a fee for.


In the day and age we live in, internet access is an absolute must. Most if not all guests will have a cellular device with them. If your guests are travelling from abroad then they will likely want to be connected in one way or another. Ensure that your property has excellent WiFi service. Post the network ID and password clearly, either in your property, through email communication or both to avoid unnecessary calls from your guests. Always think about convenience for your guests and of course for yourself. When a guest has to contact you then this means you have gaps that need to be filled.

Access To Pool And Fitness Facilities

While this may seem like something you want to charge a fee for, please don’t. Remember that hotels don’t charge their guests to use fitness and pool facilities and neither should you no matter how amazing you think the facilities are.

Premium Cable Service

Employ a premium cable package in your property or properties. Opt away from basic cable as it gives off the impression that you are being frugal with your guests. Yes you will be paying a little more per month but that’s the cost of business.

Another option is to setup an Android Box in your property or properties. However, the downside with that is it can be a little confusing to some guests that are completely unfamiliar with this device and how to navigate. You can put together a tightly knit manual on Android Box usage but because this is not a mainstream device, you run the risk of your guests being highly confused and thus reaching out to you for assistance. I know, it sounds like I really just don't want guests to contact me. It's not that though, why deal with calls when you really don't have to?

Washer and Dryer

Your rental property should come with a washer and dryer for your travellers. I’ve stayed in Airbnb’s that charge to use the Washer and Dryer. Personally I think that’s cheap and gives me a bad taste in my mouth on the host. Leave laundry pods for your guests for the washer and let them use the washer and dryer for free. It’s a good look, trust me.

Parking Spots

Depending on the location of your vacation rentals, this is one thing you can consider charging a parking fee for. All of our properties are located in the downtown Toronto area and public parking is sky high all day, everyday. This positions us to be able to undercut Toronto Parking rates heavily.

We charged $20 per day which is more than fair as parking in the city ranges between $30-$50 per day in some areas. Guests gladly paid our rate. The other upside to this is that we can always comp parking if we feel like it and guests look highly on this gesture.


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