• Duane Narine

Your New "Second" Phone Number Toll Free 1-800-XXX-XXXX

Updated: Feb 6

Your Vacation Rental Business is just that, a Business. You want to set yourself up in the best possible way and one of those ways is by incorporating a Toll Free Number.

Your marketing efforts on your property or properties will yield you travellers from around the globe. If your customers have to pay to call your direct number, it likely will decrease your conversion rate. If they don’t have to pay to call you then your conversion rate increases.

You’ve likely noticed Toll Free Numbers on business cards or billboards for major companies and you may wonder if it will be beneficial for a small company. Toll Free Numbers can benefit any business that has a global reach.

While it is true that your potential customers can simply send you an e-mail however, you are closing off your market audience by not having all options of communication available. Some travellers prefer speaking to someone over the phone and especially when booking a "non – traditional" type of accommodation and that being a Short Term Rental Property over a Hotel. It puts the customer at ease when they are able to speak to someone over the phone. Not to mention, some folks prefer not to have to type up an e-mail and would rather make a quick phone call. Toll Free Numbers encourage communication between customers and companies and helps your business to stand out amongst the competition.

Benefits of Toll Free Numbers

Having a Toll Free Phone Number is a valuable business tool with many benefits. You can track market effectiveness, increase your sales by expanding market reach and decrease barriers in doing business. Not only does it allow your customers to connect to you with no charge to them but it also gives you an edge over your competitors in terms of brand imaging, increased accessibility, better customer service, increased call leads, etc.

Your customers will remember you! Toll Free Numbers are easy to remember and even easier if you purchase a Vanity Number. A Vanity Number is a number such as 1-800-VRE-NTAL. Vanity Numbers are much easier to remember as words are easier to retain than a sequence of numbers.

Toll Free Numbers are portable. If you decide to operate your business elsewhere then you can easily take your toll free number with you. You can also port your toll free number to another provider so if you have commitment issues then now you won't :)

With a Toll Free Number for your business, your customers secure themselves with your brand and take you that much more seriously. You look professional and it furthers the image of your brand.

Your call leads are further increased by employing a Toll Free Number. Customers would much rather call a free number rather than to pay for that same call. They are more likely to call you rather than your competition that does not have a Toll Free Number.

OK OK! I’m sold! So How Do I Get A Toll Free Number?

Way back, getting a Toll Free Number was not as easy as it is today. Nowadays you can easily sign up for one through various providers. You don’t have to worry about purchasing any costly equipment. We used our own cellular devices and fielded calls while still having our personal phone numbers operational. You can download their app and manage all of your services through it. Some features and not to mention them all include e-mail, fax services, voicemail, call recording, call forwarding, team messaging with file sharing, task management, video meeting capabilities, auto attendant and the list goes on and on. You can get a suite of full features at a very cost effective monthly rate.

While there are a few reputable service providers, Ring Central we found to be absolutely INCREDIBLE. We used them in the past and the services were impeccable. We incorporated a Vanity Number. Toronto Escape was the name of our Vacation Rental Property Management Company. We thought it would be cool to use 1-866-372-2730 (1-866-ESC-APE0).

It was easy to remember and drop in conversation, "call us toll free at 1-866ESCAPE0".

We could list the other providers out there but seeing as we only used Ring Central, we can only vouch for them. In conclusion, one of the best tools you can have for your Vacation Rental Business is a Toll Free Phone Number.